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Our open box, samples, sale and overstocked items specials are offered with deeply discounted prices and therefore are not able to be returned or exchanged.

Each item is sold "as is" and we will do our best to inform you about the condition of each knife. Most will be one off sales although sometimes we may have more than one available in the same condition. Some knives will come in boxes, although they may have been opened and some will not ship with their own box and may arrive in very basic generic packaging.

As a guide, we will grade each knife in this manner.

A. Brand new, never used, comes with box. B. Brand new, never used, comes without box. C. As new but used, comes with box. D. As new but used, comes without a box. E. Used, good condition, comes with box. F. Used, good condition, comes without box.

If any of our open box or sample specials do not make at least an F grade they will not be offered for sale.

Remember if you spend over $99 in the one purchase you will receive free shipping within Australia and for international you will receive free shipping for orders over $249 AUD that is under 2kg. As a guide, most knives in their box weigh in at about 500g.