Kitchen knives are an ideal choice for corporate gifts due to their practicality and universal appeal. These high-quality culinary tools are not only essential in every household but also symbolise precision, sharpness, and excellence – qualities that align seamlessly with corporate values. Customised with a company logo or message, kitchen knives make a lasting impression on recipients, serving as a constant reminder of the business relationship. Furthermore, their durability ensures long-term use, extending the brand's visibility and appreciation with your customers or staff members. 

Any of the knives we offer can be branded with your logo on the blade, all we need is a black and white logo in decent resolution. If you wanted a knife that will truely be yours for some styles we can even customise the handles.
Meatstock x Chef Supply Co custom co branded Kiritsuke kitchen knife
Chef Supply Co now also offer quality Damascus outdoor knives that can be customised in the same way that our kitchen knife range are. These knives are great for brands that are not related to food and have customers like farmers, tradies, fishermen, campers or who are general outdoors people. Like our kitchen knives we have searched high and low to find these knives and stand behind them in terms of quality and workmanship. 
Enhance Metal Roofing dedicated branding Sea Creature Series chef knife mock up
Drop us a line to enquire about how we can help your business stay top of mind with some branded knives