What Part of the Cow is a Tri Tip Steak from?

A tri-tip steak is a cut of beef that comes from the bottom sirloin primal cut, which is located in the hindquarter of the cow. It is a triangular shaped muscle that gets its name from its shape and location on the cow.


tri tip steak knife


The tri-tip is a relatively small cut of meat, weighing in at around 2-3 pounds. It is usually sold as a roast or can be cut into steaks. The tri-tip is a lean cut of meat with a fine grain and a tender texture. It is a versatile cut of beef that can be grilled, roasted, or sliced thin for sandwiches.

The tri-tip has become increasingly popular in recent years due to its relatively low cost and its ability to be cooked to medium-rare or medium without becoming tough or dry. It is a popular choice for barbecue and is often served sliced thin against the grain.

The tri-tip is not a well-known cut of meat outside of the United States, but it has gained popularity in other countries as well. It is often called a "Santa Maria steak" in reference to the California region where it is particularly popular.

While the tri-tip is a lean cut of meat, it still has a decent amount of marbling (small flecks of fat within the muscle tissue) which helps to keep it moist and flavorful when cooked. The tri-tip is best cooked using dry heat methods such as grilling or roasting. It can be marinated to add flavor or rubbed with a dry spice blend before cooking.

One thing to note about the tri-tip is that it does have a longer cooking time than some other cuts of beef due to its thickness. It is important to use a meat thermometer to ensure that it is cooked to the desired level of doneness. Overcooking the tri-tip can result in a tough and chewy texture, so it is important to monitor the internal temperature and remove it from the heat when it reaches the desired level of doneness.

Overall, the tri-tip is a delicious and versatile cut of beef that is perfect for grilling or roasting. It has a tender and flavorful taste that is sure to be a hit with meat lovers. So the next time you are looking to grill up a delicious steak, give the tri-tip a try and see for yourself just how delicious it can be.

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