Chef Insights - Gordon Ramsay

Gordon Ramsay is a celebrity chef from the UK and is much loved and much hated straight shooter. Ramsay is also considered to be the world's best chef in 2021 (when this article was written). Here is a list of facts about this well known Scottish chef.


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  • Name: Gordon Ramsay
  • Date of Birth: 8.11.1966
  • Place of birth: Johnstone, Scotland, UK
  • Grew up in: Stratford Upon Avon, England
  • Places of residence now: London, Los Angeles, Cornwall 
  • Started as a chef in year: 1985
  • Restaurants owned: Too many to list (over 20)
  • Best known for: TV shows, Restaurateur
  • Cooking styles: French, Italian, British
  • Michelin stars: 16
  • Net worth 2021: $220 million


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Love him or hate him Gordon Ramsay certainly has made a name for himself in the restaurant and TV world and is a very outspoken and well known chef. Personally we love his drive, attitude and the way he gives back to the community with his philanthropic efforts.