How to Choose a Knife to Give as a Christmas Gift

Choosing a kitchen knife to give as a Christmas gift or for other occasions like birthdays, wedding, thanksgiving and the like can be a tricky task. With so many different styles of kitchen knives like paring knives, chef knives, ham knives, brisket knives, filleting knives, boning knives, slicing knives and bread knives it can be difficult to choose what knife would make the perfect Christmas gift.

Then if we add the complexity of navigating the Japanese names. for kitchen knives like gyuto knives, nakiri knives, yanagi knives, deba knives and kiritsuke knives just to name a few things can get even more confusing.

When choosing the perfect knife to gift for Christmas there are a few starting points that will get you underway and on the right path to get a knife for that special chef, BBQ aficionado or home cook that they will love and remember as the best Christmas gift they ever received! 

1. What do they like to cook?

Knowing what your Christmas gift receiver will be cooking with their new kitchen knife will help guide you to choosing that perfect Christmas gift. Do they like to BBQ? Then a large slicing knife could be perfect for them. Do they like to cook vegetarian meals? If so then a Nakiri (Japanese for vegetable knife) will be the  perfect Christmas gift for them. A little investigation here can go a long way.

2. What kitchen knives do they have already?

This can be tricky to find out if you don't have access to their house but you do know that they love to cook. You could start by asking them what they cook mostly and what types of kitchen knives they used to do certain tasks as if you are looking for education in the subject of cooking and kitchen knives. You could even ask the questions as if you are looking for recommendations on what kitchen knives you should buy for yourself.

3. What is their favourite colour?

To get this information from your Christmas gift knife receiver casually ask them what their favourite colour is or look for clues like the colour of their car, clothes or other personal items. Once you know this you will be able to make a better decision on what colour the knife handle should be or be close to.

4. Do they like plain or blingy?

Kitchen knives, like cars, houses and other things come in racey almost overstated design to simple, minimalist and understated designs. Where does your kitchen knife Christmas gift receiver sit in the spectrum?

We hope that this guide will help you choose the perfect kitchen knife to give as a Christmas gift and really make that chefs, home cook or BBQ hero's Christmas, & you can always view the best Christmas gift ideas here at Chef Supply.



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