The Japanese Cutting Stance

The Japanese are a very technical and analytical bunch and seemed to have studied and documented everything since time began. They have a long and rich history in knife making and cooking and of course knife use and knife use technique has not escaped deep examination and documentation.

In later blog posts we will get into some of the different cuts that Japanese chefs use but for now we will just explain how these Japanese chefs are taught to stand when using their knives.


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To start set up your cutting board on a level flat surface that will not allow the board to slip. If the board feels like it will slip around try putting a tea towel under it to reduce slippage. Quick tip: Only use a plastic or wooden board as other harder materials like glass and metal will dull your knives fast.

Once your board is set put your food on it and grab your knife. Position yourself around 3 inches from the board, not up against it but yet not miles away from it. Around 3 inches but somewhere that is comfortable for you.

Your feet position is the next important aspect. You dominant foot should be half a step behind the other. Believe it or not that is it!

Find the knife that suits you here!

Hope this helps you wield your knives with Japanese precision and grace!!!

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