Who invented the knife?

You may be wondering who invented the knife. Well, we did! That's right, humans created this handy kitchen tool and we're proud of it too. For centuries, knives have been used for everything from slicing bread to chopping vegetables to cutting through cartilage in a human body. It's not just a kitchen utensil either; knives are also often worn as weapons. They can protect us in dangerous situations or they can take our lives away in an instant so please use your best judgement when you choose which one to buy for yourself or someone else!

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Who invented the knife? Nobody knows, but this is why we have so many of them.  The earliest knives were made from obsidian or flint and used to butcher animals or cut up food.  Knives were likely invented in Africa about 500,000 years ago.

So there you go, the question of "who invented the knife" is not able to be answered because it was invented so long ago and just like Damascus steel the origin details are hazy at best.

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